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  • Why Call a Home Doctor?

    Why you should call a home doctor.

    Feeling unwell? Not sure who to call because it’s outside of business hours? Don’t panic, after-hours home doctors have got you covered.

    Home doctors are here to treat sick Australians outside of business hours, all under the banner of Medicare. These doctors don’t work in a medical centre of clinic, instead they are driven around by chaperone and care for ill people in their own home.


    Home doctors visit you at home

    Before World War II also all patients were treated by home. This kept many common virus (such as the common cold) from spreading. These at home consultations were a priority for doctors.

    Then when technological advances meant that doctors could more accurately and quickly diagnose illness it became common to see group practises, where doctors specialise in certain diseases. This is the modern healthcare system we enjoy today.

    Now home visiting doctors are restricted to working in the after-hours. This helps make sure even at night and early in the morning people can see a medical professional without going to the hospital.

    Catergory 4 and 5, which are urgent or potentially serious symptoms, are the kinds of people whom the house call doctor service was developed for.

    These doctors can treat anyone, but they prioritise the more vulnerable and fragile members of the community.


    Home doctors help with serious illnesses

    Home doctors emerged to help decrease the pressure placed on emergency rooms, as many people with illnesses that didn’t need immediate treatment by couldn’t wait until the morning were seeing emergency departments overflowing.

    With all the extra pressure placed on hospitals the quality and speed of care at which Australians were being treated was drastically reduced. After all, the emergency room is designed for life-threatening illnesses.

    Doctors then realised some illnesses could be treated in the home under the cover of Australian’s free healthcare system, Medicare, to avoid people with life-threating symptoms from waiting.

    This is the bridge between medical clinics and hospital emergency wards, providing medical care early in the morning and late at night.

    Some of the most common illnesses the home doctors treat include acute respiratory illnesses such as influenza, bronchiolitis, croup, and asthma – doctors also treat gastro, vomiting, diarrhea and cold and flu symptoms.


    Home doctors diagnose your illness and recommend treatment

    Being examined by an after-hours doctor is much like seeing a regular GP. You’ll be asked questions about your illness, they will take you temperature and blood pressure, then talk through what possible illnesses could be affecting you.

    Easing your symptoms is at the top of a home doctors list, they are eager to assist in making you as comfortable as possible and often prescribe some doses of medicine to get you through until you can see your regular doctor in the morning.

    All home doctors are required to send a report through to inviduals regular GPs after an out of hours home visit. This means that each patient is being properly taken care of 24/7.


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  • House Call Doctor Areas

    These are the locations we service...

    The Locations we Service

    House Call Doctor has been expanding into more and more areas since its launch in April 2015. Currently it services 15 cities in Queensland and New South Wales providing after-hours medical care.


    The service is 100% bulk billed for people with Medicare and DVA cards.

    Patients can make a booking by calling 13 55 66, through the website or downloading the app. Patients should check if House Call Doctor services their area when making a booking. In most cases a doctor will arrive in three hours after a booking has been made.

    House Call Doctors can treat a variety of conditions including cold and flu symptoms, minor lacerations, general illnesses, trauma requiring stiches, animal bites and severe pain.


    House Call Doctor is 100% Australian owned and operated and has more than 1200 doctors and 40 cars.

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    House Call Doctor provides after-hours GP services to the almost two million residents of Brisbane, reducing strain on local hospital departments.


    Doctors in Bundaberg will visit you at your home, hotel, resort, campground or aged care facility.


    From the Northern Beaches to Bentley Park and Gordonvale, House Call Doctor provides an alternative to hospital emergency departments by providing home doctor services after business hours.


    Home doctors are available from the north of Gladstone to Tannum Sands providing an after-hours medical option for this region.

    Gold Coast

    In this popular holiday destination, home doctors can visit you at your home, resort, hotel and campground, so that you can get the medical attention you need to keep enjoying your holiday.


    House Call Doctors service Gympie and surrounding areas and helps to provide an alternative to hospital emergency departments.

    Hervey Bay

    Along with Bundaberg, Hervey Bay was an original location for House Call Doctor, and our service is proud to have been able to provide after-hours medical care since April 2015.


    House Call Doctor has been servicing Ipswich and surrounding suburbs with after-hours doctors since August 2016.


    Medical issues can occur at any moment, so it’s important care is available after-hours, and that’s what’s offered by House Call Doctor.


    House Call Doctor provides important after-hours medical services for the people of Maryborough.


    For residents and visitors to this central Queensland city, House Call Doctor provides another option for after-hours medical care.

    Sunshine Coast

    House Call Doctor makes it possible for residents and visitors to receive home visits by doctors. Doctors can visit homes, hotels, resorts and aged care facilities making this a great option for after-hours medical care.


    House Call Doctor provides access to after-hours GPs and doctors in Toowoomba and surrounding suburbs.


    House Call Doctor provides qualified and trusted doctors for the people of Townsville to provide after-hours medical care.

    Tweed Heads

    Tweed Heads is House Call Doctor’s first interstate expansion, providing after-hours home doctor services for people between the Tweed and Kingscliff. Since December 2016, House Call Doctor has been operating in this northern New South Wales region.

    Wide Bay

    House Call Doctor services Bargara, Bundaberg and Maryborough, helping to keep people in the Wide Bay region healthy.


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  • House Call Doctors

    Bringing back the traditional medical service.

    Our House Call Doctor team is made up of over 1200 experienced doctors dedicated to providing quality medical care to patients in their own home.


    Registrations and qualifications of home doctors.

    House Call Doctor is an accredited provider of medical deputising services as approved by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). Our doctors must follow the requirements set out by the Medical Board of Australia and are therefore fully qualified and registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

    We have a highly reputable Medical Director panel who oversee any issues of clinical governance for House Call Doctor.


    Who are the home doctors?

    We have doctors that specialise in a variety of disciplines including general practice, emergency medicine, geriatrics, paediatrics, psychiatry, surgical and more. We have more than 1200 doctors who specialise as general practitioners.

    Our home doctor team are all committed to providing positive patient experiences with at home after-hours care. They come from a variety of countries including Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Canada, United States and the United Kingdom.

    We have fellows among our home doctor team. We require all our doctors to have two years’ experience, as a minimum since gradation, with most of our doctors having at least four.


    Lifestyle of a home doctor

    Dr Ryan Harvey is an Assistant Medical Director at House Call Doctor and has been part of the House Call Doctor team since 2015. Currently he works both as a GP at a local clinic and as a home doctor. He is experienced in paediatrics and has used his experience to provide medical care for children in remote communities across the globe.

    Our doctors have said that visiting patients in their home is a different experience to treating them as a general practitioner.

    The flexibility and work/life balance of being a House Call Doctor is also highly rated by our doctors.

    Our doctors said that “the range of patients you see as an after-hours doctor is very diverse which provides valuable experience and is rewarding”.


    You can be a home doctor

    Our home doctor team is constantly expanding, and you can enjoy work/life balance with us. House Call Doctor provides its doctors with everything they’ll need – including full administrative services – so that our doctors can concentrate on providing high quality care to patients.


    Make a booking

    You can call us on 13 55 66, download our app or book online to request a home doctor to come and visit you.

  • When You Should Call a Home Doctor

    Treatments provided by home doctors...

    When you fall sick at night, it can be difficult to determine whether you should visit an emergency department or simply wait until the next day to consult with a doctor. Though, some people tend to forget home doctors are available to tend to patients with cases ranging from acute illnesses to severe infections.

    So, exactly what can a home doctor treat? Here are a few reasons we have put together.

    Anything from strains and sprains to pains

    One of the most common reasons a home doctor will be called is for strains, sprains, and pains. Many of our home doctors have treated patients with sporting and work-related injuries, as well as neck, back and hip pains. With this being said, there are still many people affected by injuries overnight who will not seek medical attention.

    If you are unsure, a few indicators to book a home doctor include:

    · Numbness in the affected area;

    · Limited movement in the affected area;

    · Limited ability to walk a few steps without feeling pain.

    Alternatively, if you believe you may be suffering from a strain or sprain but are unsure, some common symptoms include:

    · Bruising;

    · Swelling;

    · Pain;

    · Tenderness.

    Although some people may believe their injury is only minor and therefore medical attention is not needed, it is important to consult with a doctor to eliminate any chance of serious injury which may require advanced treatment.

    If the injury is not severe, treatment a home doctor can provide may include:

    · Rest;

    · Ice or heat;

    · Pain-relieving medication;

    · Anti-inflammatory medication.

    If the case requires further assessment, a home doctor will refer you to an emergency department.


    Another very common reason for a patient to book a home doctor is gastro. As gastro is highly contagious, a medical assessment is needed to provide the appropriate treatment.

    Examples of treatment a home doctor can advise include drinking plenty of fluids, such as oral rehydration drinks.

    Alternatively, if the case of gastro is severe, a home doctor may refer you to an emergency department to be admitted to hospital. If you are admitted to hospital, you will be treated with intravenous fluid replacement.

    If you are uncertain as to whether you may have gastro, some initial symptoms or signs include:

    · Vomiting;

    · Diarrhoea;

    · Nausea;

    · Fever;

    · Stomach pains.

    Though symptoms of gastro tend to last 1 – 2 days, medical attention is very important as a key complication with gastro is dehydration, which can therefore lead to severe cases.

    As gastro is highly contagious, it can be worthwhile trying to prevent it with suggestions such as:

    · Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water to avoid the spread of germs (particularly before preparing food or eating, after going to the toilet and handling animals);

    · Avoid handling raw and cooked foods with the same utensils (for example, knives, tongs and even cutting boards);

    · Keep all surfaces (particularly your kitchen) as clean as possible.


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  • Your Guide to House Call Doctor

    Learn more about house call doctors...

    House Call Doctor’s home doctor service is reminiscent of traditional home doctors who visited their patients after hours. Our home doctors work hard to make sure patients in Queensland and Northern New South Wales get the medical assistance they need.

    Our home doctors bulk bill if you have a Medicare or a Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) card, to save you from those pesky out of pocket expenses.


    Here’s what you need to know

    House Call Doctor works hard to relieve the pressure put on local emergency departments by providing medical attention to patients in the comfort of their own home. 90% of our patients are attended to within 3 hours of booking.

    Our after-hours home doctors can visit you when most medical services are closed. You can book an appointment at the following times:

    6pm to 8am

    After 12pm

    Sundays and Public Holidays
    24 hours

    We only ask the important questions, so you can be treated as quickly as possible. When you book, we’ll need to know:

    · Your full name and date of birth

    · Your Medicare card or DVA Number (if the patient is not eligible for bulk billing, we will require credit card details)

    · Your address and contact details

    · Your regular GP or clinic, and

    · Any symptoms you are experiencing.


    Here’s who you’ll be dealing with

    Our home doctors don’t replace your normal doctor or GP. Our service fills in the after-hours gap by helping you when you are sick or injured and your regular GP is closed. Once your at-home appointment is completed, the home doctor will prepare a clinical report for your GP to ensure they’re up to date with your health record. Having a regular doctor is an important part of your health management.

    All of our home doctors are fully registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APHRA), which is required by the Australian Medical Board – and our service operates to the high standards of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.


    Here’s when you should book

    Deciding whether you should visit an emergency room or see a doctor can be hard. Remember – if your condition is life threatening, or if you’re having chest pains or difficulty breathing, dial 000 and request an ambulance.

    If the condition is severe or requires immediate attention, visit your nearest hospital emergency room.

    A home doctor can provide the appropriate treatment for less severe conditions, which include:

    · Physical injuries, like sprains and strains

    · Fever

    · Headaches or migraines

    · Gastro

    · Common cold.


    Here’s how you should book

    Make sure there are home doctors in your area by checking housecalldoctor.com.au.

    There are three easy ways to book a visit from a home doctor:

    1) You can book via our free mobile app

    2) Call 13 55 66,

    3) Book online at housecalldoctor.com.au.

    You can even request a free fridge magnet so these details are on hand when you need them most.


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